In my daily life I am called Nikki, but in the world of photography I am Veganik – a person in love with the magic of this art.

To me, photography is a magic by which you can capture a moment of the fast-paced world we live in, see the world in the eyes of other people, feel their emotions gathered in several focal points. You can store the emotions you experience as you run after disappearing sunrises and passing sunsets; you can catch a gently falling drop of dew, or a small insect fluttering around a flower. And you feel happy to capture a moment of the beauty of the unchanging rhythm of life. The feeling is irreplaceable.

A photographer is an artist who paints not with a brush and paints, but with light and shadows captured by camera lens. Using the magic of photography, s/he reveals to people who consider themselves non-photogenic how unique they are, which they are not even aware of, with their timid smile or dreamy look toward a distance or a loved one.

It’s me, the artist of emotions, of little, almost invisible things, beautiful nature, unforgettable moments, who preserves them for eternity.

I am a nurse. Photography has been my hobby for 12 years. Art has always been part of my life one way or another, as a kid I wanted to be an artist. In 2019 I decided to develop this hobby and refine it. I started studying photography at SATAEDU, Nakkila, Finland. The camera is always with me and I keep shooting. I’m happy to make this hobby a lifestyle.

If you’re ready to take the next step in allowing me to capture some super sweet memories or you want an amazing portrait or just want to say hi… Go right ahead!

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after disappearing sunrises

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