High from the Sky to Down in the Ground

Lanzarote is a unique island. It is synonymous with volcanoes, lava fields, rocks in impossible shapes, black and red earth,  deep blue sea and  light blue sky. Beautiful beaches of white and golden sand and silence, which is also an enigmatic part of the Lanzarote landscape. Lanzarote has been developed sustainably and in harmony with the surroundings, especially thanks to the tireless work of the universal artist César Manrique, who leaving a mark on the landscape with his enormous talent. At all, Lanzarote is a land where tourism, art and nature combine. I fell in love with this island.

Fuerteventura – the beach of the Canary Islands. Unfortunately, my one-day visit to this otherwise sunny island coincided with a sandstorm or “calima”. But I managed to visit Mirador Sicasumbre-the best  viewpoint in Fuerteventura.

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